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gleeBox is an experimental project that takes a keyboard-centric approach to navigating the web. It provides alternatives to actions that are traditionally performed via the mouse. Some of these are radically more efficient than using a mouse, some not so much. In all cases, they are mostly meant for keyboard and command line lovers.


Execute Links
Yubnub / Quix commands
Page Commands & Bookmarklets
ESP Visions
Backup, Sync and more
Start typing to find and execute links
Execute Yubnub or Quix commands
Execute a bunch of inbuilt page commands and bookmarklets
Select all elements belonging to a predefined CSS selector using scraper commands
Automatically highlight elements when gleeBox is launched using ESP Visions
Sync, backup, change appearance and a lot more in the options page

Watch the feature and introductory screencasts.


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Release Notes

Help and Updates

Read the user manual to get started with gleeBox. Follow @thegleebox on Twitter to get tips and updates.


Love gleeBox? Share it on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere. If you own a site, make it gleeBox friendly.

You can report issues here or send feedback to You can also find and share tips, bookmarklets and custom commands at TipJar. If you're a developer, you can access the source code repository at Github.

gleeBox was created by Ankit Ahuja (@ahujaankit) and Sameer Ahuja (@sam33r). If you like it, and would like us to spend more of our free time developing it, you can make a donation by clicking on the button below. Rest assured, your donations would only be used to order pizzas and Red Bulls for our hack sessions (and for maintaining this website). If you have a specific feature request, make sure you mention it in your donation comments.